How to Take Your Video Content to The Next Level

Are you sharing video content on your social media platforms?

Let me tell you why you should AND how you can take it to your content to the next level!

How To Take Your Video Content To The Next Level - The Social Impact Blog Post

Firstly, let's cover why videos are *so* good and why YOU should be using them.

  • Videos are extremely powerful on social media. A lot of platforms really prioritise them within their algorithms. 
  • Video content is a fantastic way to engage your audience and convey information in a way that stands out.


There are many fantastic resources out there that will make creating video content easier for you. One I've started working with lately that stands out in particular is Veed


Veed - - Online simple video editing - The Social Impact Blog


I found it, I loved it, I've used it and I highly recommend it to all my social media coaching clients. 


So, what is Veed?

It's a simple online video editor but has some fantastic tools that you can use to take your videos from "eh.." to "yeah!!! 🔥🔥"

Now what do I mean by simple? I'm referring to one of the best things about Veed. It is user friendly and does not require a great amount of skill or understanding to use it. This means it is fantastic for anyone wanting to get a little more creative and stand out with their video content. 


Let's talk about the best tools & features within Veed, shall we? 

I could make this list quite comprehensive, but I know you don't have all day and neither do I. So let's make this short and to the point. 

My favourite feature to Veed is the ability to automate subtitles. Upload your video, click one button and *bam!*, you have subtitles generated for your video! Subtitles are fantastic and something I highly recommend to include with your video content.


Veed - Simple Video Editing. Add subtitles to your video content with just a click of the button.


Another feature that I L-O-V-E about Veed is the ability to add a progress bar. You can add a bar, a circle, a donut... ahh the possibilities!

Whether it's for a Story post, an Instagram post, a TikTok video, youtube... Veed can allow you to set the canvas to the right dimensions for your desired platform, with just a click of a button. It's that easy! 

Veed Tools - Click to browse the various tools you can access through Veed.Io

Whilst there's already some fantastic features and tools to use within Veed, what makes the platform stand out to me (even more!) is that they are continuously taking feedback and listening to their users, so that they can keep adding new features to give users even more value! 


Want to see more of Veed and how to create within it? Check out our latest IGTV here.







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