Rumours and Myths about Social Media and Instagram - August 2020

There’s a lot of rumours and myths out there about how to grow on Social Media & Instagram...

If you’ve heard a myth, share in the comments below. It’s time to debunk them!

👉🏼 “Organic reach through hashtags is dead”.

🙅🏽‍♀️ Hashtags is like a recipe, when you get it right... THEY ARE DELICIOUSLY WORTH IT! Take some time, research your hashtags, make them relevant to your content... and the results can wow you! I see it every day on clients/my platform.

👉🏼 “Putting a face to your business can increase sales & growth”.

YES!!!! I have seen beyond incredible results from the ability to humanise your business and create connections with your audience. People want to buy from people they know and trust. If they don’t see you, if they don’t feel like they know you... then you’re not going to see the same success.

👉🏼 “Every Business should be on social media.”

🙅🏽‍♀️ This is my personal opinion and let me tell you why.
Each platform is different. Not every business needs to be on every platform and if you can’t showcase your business well... you may end up turning potential customers/clients away.

👉🏼 “Engagement rate is more important than follower count”.

🥇 Spot on! Sure you may have a bunch of followers, but if they are not seeing your content, engaging with it... if they are what I call “dead followers”, they’re likely to be harming your engagement rate and the reach of your content.

👉🏼 “I need to post constantly to see results”.

🙅🏽‍♀️ This is a BIG NO! Quality > Quantity! Posting high-quality content that is valuable and likely to engage your audience, is essential to growth on Instagram.
I like to explain it like your emails. You’ve signed up to an email list after buying some snazzy shoes online... within a few days, you’ve received multiple emails from the business... it’s clogging up your inbox... and you’re over it. So what do you do? You unsubscribe. The same applies to Instagram, your audience will just tap that "unfollow" button.

👉🏼 “Can I help you?”

You betcha! Whether it’s coaching, account management... tips, tricks - myself and The Social Impact are here for you! ✨🌱




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