The Oh-So-Good October Content Calendar for 2020

October. A big month, hopefully for us here in Melbourne it will mark the end of our lockdown - *here's hoping*. 

That also means Christmas is just three months away. I'm not sure whether to panic or to be thankful that the year 2020 is drawing closer to an end.

October is here and is so is our full stack of content ideas to help you

 To help you out with some content ideas, we've created our ultimate list to get you through.

To ensure you maximise the value out of our October Content Calendar:
Be sure to select dates that are relevant to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they may want to see and know about.
Be sure to double check dates. Whilst we've already checked the days from our end. These dates may not be the same for every country and may change between years.
Pair the date or content idea with high quality visuals. If you're posting a video, a photo or a graphic... be sure that it isn't blurry and is high resolution.
1st October - International Coffee Day
A day where posting about your coffee is most definitely okay. Share your local coffee spot and be sure to tag and support them in your post.
2nd October - International Day of Non-Violence 

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind” - Mahatma Gandhi. This day is held annually on Ghandi’s birthday to encourage peace. #nonviolenceday


3rd October

Nothing special but an excuse to post or use this in your content.
October 3rd - Means Girls GIF
4th October - Vodka Day
If your audience is 18+, use this day to share your favourite cocktail recipe - take a moment to share a virtual drink.

Also - the change over of Daylight Savings here in Melbourne, Australia. Time to change those clocks... if it doesn't automatically change for you.


5th October - World Teachers' Day

After the year our Teachers' have been through, they deserve a monthly World Teachers' Day. Take a moment to reach out and show your teacher some appreciation for all the work they've had to manage through a pandemic and virtual teaching.


World Teachers Day


Do Something Nice Day

Make a random act of kindness to celebrate 'Do Something Nice Day'. Encourage others to do the same!


7th - Bathtub Day

An excuse to post a dreamy "inspo" bath shot. Take a moment to encourage those around you to include time for self care. A bath may be the perfect way to do this!


8th - International Podiatry Day


9th October - World Egg Day

Share some eggs-cellent food snaps on your feed to celebrate World Egg Day.


Scrubs Day

Scrubs Day - Scrub Lab


10th October - World Mental Health Day and World Homeless Day


15th October - Global Hand Washing Day


16th October - World Food Day, Dictionary Day


22nd October - International Caps Lock Day


24th October - Make A Difference Day

Many hands make light work, so take a moment to make a positive change.

United Nations Day


25th October - World Pasta Day

Pasta Day - Make Pasta


27th - World Occupation Therapy Day


28th October - International Animation Day

Celebrate this day properly by ordering yourself a pack of our Custom Made GIFs to Grow Your Brand!


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29th October - World Stroke Day, Internet Day


30th October - Checklist Day


31st October - Halloween, World Magic Day


Well, that's October! Another big month that will take us one step closer to the end of 2020. 


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What date has you most excited? 




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