The Ultimate Content Calendar for June 2020

June Content Calendar from The Social Impact - Content Creation Help

Are you struggling for June content ideas? Well you can now tell your stress to "be gone" because we have done the work for you. 

We've broken down the month, highlighting some unmissable dates as well as some extra content ideas for you. 

To ensure you maximise the value out of our June Content Calendar: 
Be sure to select dates that are relevant to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they may want to see and know about. 
Be sure to double check dates. Whilst we've already checked the days from our end. These dates may not be the same for every country and may change between years.
Pair the date or content idea with high quality visuals. If you're posting a video, a photo or a graphic... be sure that it isn't blurry and is high resolution. 

1st June - Global Day of Parents

We may have Mother's Day and Father's Day but with all the work our incredible parents do for us, here's a day that is well required to appreciate and honour all the help and guidance our parents provide in life. Whether it be your parents, or someone who has always been like a parent to you... this is a time to share and honour them. This is a great chance to personalise yourself/business/brand. Reveal a softer side by opening up about something you appreciate most from your parents.

3rd June

Well it's something you may not do very often, but today is the day to... celebrate your latest win! Take a moment to share and celebrate it with your audience. Whether it is small or big, any win is worth celebrating.

5th June - World Environment Day & Doughnut Day


8th June - Best Friends Day

Whether it's your best friend within work, or outside of work - #BestFriendsDay is the perfect time to give them a shoutout. Share a photo of you both, share their business or share something they do well.


13th June - World Gin Day

Gin lovers, here is an extra excuse to pour yourself an extra glass and enjoy.

14th June - International Bath Day

#InternationalBathDay is the perfect chance to take some time for you. Light some candles, put some music on and take the time to relax and refresh.

16th June - World Fudge Day

Well any baker or sweet tooth will be a big fan of this day. No need to look for the perfect fudge recipe - we've found an easy one for you thanks to Baking A Moment's Easy Fudge Recipe

18th June

International Picnic Day

Take the chance to enjoy the fresh air at a distance (a social distance) with some friends or family. Visit a local park or near by beach and share your spread with your audience on stories. Who doesn't love a delicious grazing board! #InternationalPicnicDay

International Sushi Day


20th June - World Productivity Day

Share your best productivity tip with your audience! #WorldProductivityDay

21st June

World Music Day

#WorldMusicDay offers so many possibilities for content.
You could take a time lapse of you working and share it on your story with a favourite song over the top.
You could create a TikTok video with you dancing to a trending tune.
Can you share a hidden musical talent?
Today is the day to get creative and share the power of music.

International Yoga Day

Change up your morning routine for #InternationalYogaDay and take your audience behind the scenes with you. Record a part of your yoga session on hyper lapse and watch it back in fast-forward. Share this on your story and encourage them to take the time, to also practice some yoga and mindfulness. 

Selfie Day

Well there's very little explanation needed for #SelfieDay.
Snap a selfie and share it with your audience!

25th June - Global Beatles Day

A day to remember one of the most influential bands of all time, The Beatles.
With so many songs and so many powerful lines of lyrics, find one that resonates with you and create a quote out of it. Share this quote to your audience. #GlobalBeatlesDay

26th June

Beauticians Day

#BeauticiansDay is a great chance to for any beauticians to take a moment and engage with their audiences. Perhaps share your favourite go-to skincare products? Or a helpful tip? Find a way to provide some extra value to your audience.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Well, whilst most of us may still be working from home, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the company of our pooches at work today. Take a moment to share a part of your day with your fury friends company.

27th June - Mixologist Day

Time to get creative and shake up your best looking cocktail. Share it to your story with some behind the scene footage of the action. 

28th June

Can you believe it? We're almost half way through the year! Why not share something with your audiences that you've learnt so far in 2020.

29th June - Camera Day

It's time to share some creativity. Get your camera and snap a photo (of yourself, of your workspace, of your product, of your view etc.). Share it on your social platforms for #CameraDay !

30th June - Social Media Day

Well, this day is particularly important to me within my industry. I'll be taking this opportunity to share some extra tips and knowledge with my audience. Some resources I use behind the scenes of Social Media...
Perhaps even introduce a BRAND NEW service on my social media... the opportunities are endless for this day.

Well, that's June! One big month that will take us to the half way mark of 2020. Hard to believe! Here's hoping this year can do a big 180 from here. 


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Whilst it's obvious I'm looking forward to June 30th most, what date has you most excited?

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