The Ultimate List of July Content for 2020


Happy New (Financial) Year! 

It's hard to believe that we are already half way through 2020. A year, no one will be able to forget... Here's to what will hopefully be a bigger and better month, July. 

To help you out with some content ideas, we've created our ultimate list to get you through.


To ensure you maximise the value out of our July Content Calendar:
Be sure to select dates that are relevant to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they may want to see and know about.
Be sure to double check dates. Whilst we've already checked the days from our end. These dates may not be the same for every country and may change between years.
Pair the date or content idea with high quality visuals. If you're posting a video, a photo or a graphic... be sure that it isn't blurry and is high resolution.


4th July - Independence Day (USA)

Well - if you are based in America or have any of your audience based there... this is one you'll want to plan for - Independence Day!


5th July - Bikini Day

Something that I have definitely not thought about for a while, being cold and very much winter here in Melbourne - but today is Bikini Day!


6th July - International Kissing Day & Fried Chicken Day

International Kissing Day; Well it's a day to encourage kissing around the world - but this day may need some adjustments during 2020 - the year of social distancing... If you're in the beauty industry this day will be perfect to feature lip products, tips etc. 

Fried Chicken Day; Whether it's KFC or a fried chicken waffle from your local cafe, this is another food related holiday that allows you to share more with your audience. If you're a cafe or restaurant, perhaps have a fried chicken dish special for the day and share this prior on your social platforms.


7th July - Chocolate Day

One of the sweetest days of the year and one I look forward to, very much. Behind the scenes of The Social Impact, I'll find time today to get my chocolate fountain out to celebrate. *Can you really say you're a true chocolate lover if you don't have a chocolate fountain?* Just call be Charlie and I'll show you into my pop-up chocolate factory! 

There are so many possibilities with today. So get creative and sweeten up your content with a touch of chocolate.


10th July - Pina Colada Day

Cue 'Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Pina Colada Song)' 


12th July - New Conversations Day

A day to encourage new conversations and new connections. Go further and go deeper. I challenge you to take ten minutes from your day to find three new accounts to connect with and make genuine conversations with. Who knows, you may find a new 'business bestie'! 


13th July - French Fries Day

Surely, this is just a day made up by someone who needed an excuse to get some fresh salted fries from McDonalds without feeling guilty...  Either way, today is another day where you're free to divulge in order to celebrate this item of food.


14th July - International Nude Day & Bastille Day

International Nude Day; A day to celebrate the beauty of the body. Whilst it's important to be mindful of the visual content you share with this topic - it is a fantastic chance to appreciate what we have and own what may be considered "imperfections" but really is a unique and beautiful part of you.

Bastille Day; Think anything french! A french quote, french food, french music.. get frenchy chic with your content today. This french national day commemorates the storming of the bastille which was a turning point in the French Revolution.


16th July - Corn Fritters Day

Get your brunch on because today you won't need to spend half an hour deciding between all the tasty menu options... you'll be having the corn fritters.

My favourite in Melbourne are from a delicious cafe in Newport called 'Pango Coffee'. If you ever are in the area - you've got to try them!


17th July - World Emoji Day

I wouldn't go a day without using an emoji... so today I'll definitely be celebrating. The first emoji was created in 1999 and since then they have grown to a very long and comprehensive list of creative icon images. What's your favourite? 

Spark up a question incorporating the use of emojis. Here are some examples:

  • How do you feel about money? Comment an emoji that sums up how you're currently feeling towards the subject of it.
  • What's your most used emoji? Share in the comments below.
  • How are you feeling today? No words - just emojis. 


19th July - Ice Cream Day

A perfect chance to share a throwback to that time you were eating ice cream on that perfect summers day. Prior to the social distancing changes and prior to the travel complications of 2020. #IceCreamDay


20th July - Moon Day

Cue - "Dancing in The Moonlight" by Toploader. #MoonDay


21st July - Lamington Day

Time for an excuse to bake an Australian treasure. The Lamington! Share your baking progress on your story and allow your audience see more into you and the person behind the brand/business.


24th July - Tequila Day

A wonderful excuse for a margarita and to share anything Mexican related. Tacos, sombreros, quotes, throwback or 'inspo' pictures. 


26th July - Parents' Day

Well we may have Mother's and Father's Day but with everything they do, here is another day that we can acknowledge and appreciate them all they do for us. Take a moment to share something about your parent's or the special role models who helped you get to where you are today.


27th July - Share & Support

Instead of celebrating a particular today, use today's content to share and support a fellow business owner. Give them and their business a shoutout and celebrate the incredible work they do!


28th July - Tell The Story Behind Your Brand/Business Name

Today I want to focus on you and share something a little more about you and your business. Use today's content to tell the story behind your brand/business name. There's always a story, whether it's short, or very long and complex - your audience will be excited to hear it. 


29th July - Share a Testimonial! 

There's nothing particularly special on the calendar today - so let's make it special about you! Share a testimonial that you've received from a client/customer. Provide your audience with some social proof of your products/services. 


30th July - International Day of Friendship & Cheesecake Day

International Day of Friendship; A chance to get a little more personal with your content. Show your audience another side to you and your business by sharing some friendships that really matter to you, or an incredible story with a friend.

Cheesecake Day; #Cheesecakeday provides another excuse to eat, bake and share delicious content of incredibly tasty cheesecakes. What's not to love about that!


31st July - Last Day of The Month & Harry Potter's Birthday

Well, you've made it through another month. Congratulations! It's time to share some achievements and wins you've made through the month of July. I'd love to hear them and share them with you. So tag and I'll be there celebrating with you and cheering you on! 

Harry Potter's Birthday; Well for anyone who is a Potter fan, this one will be very significant. Enjoy a magical day and share some magical content! If I am right with my numbers, it would be his 40th birthday today... someone please correct me in the comments below if I have got this very much incorrect. 


Well, that's July! Another big month that will take us one step closer to the end of 2020. It's all gotta get better from here... surely!


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Whilst it's obvious I'm looking forward to Chocolate Day most, what date has you most excited?

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