The Update to Instagram We've ALL Been Asking For!

The Instagram Update We've All Been Waiting For - The Social Impact Blog
Well, we've been asking for this since Instagram launched back in 2010... almost 10 years ago! 
It's here and I bet you haven't even realised. 
Not to worry, that's what we're here for. To keep you informed on all the latest tips, tricks and features that are worth knowing about and utilising.
So, without further ado... *drumroll*...
Instagram Formatting Update - How To Space Your Captions IN Instagram
Whilst I really can't believe it has taken THIS long, I am very thankful to Instagram for making all of our lives, easier. 
In the past I have been using this: IG CAPTION LINE BREAKER 
I love that this allows you to not only add infinite spaces between each line of text but it also allows you to format your text as 'bold' and 'italic' (format for Instagram only).
I have also tried a phone app called "Space" but preferred to save the phone space (my phone space is always filled to the brim with client content) and move to the Line Breaker site. 
But now... it can be done within the Instagram app.
How We've Previously Been Able To Edit & Format Captions Within Instagram
How Instagram Now Allows You To Format Captions Within The App
At first, I did feel as though it was too good to be true. However, I can assure you that I have tried this on multiple accounts and it really does work! *finally!*
The only downfall, I have found? It does seem to limit you to one space between lines. 
Still a BIG win in my eyes! 
What do you think? Will this me a MASSIVE change to the way you post and format Instagram captions?
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  • Yay! Finally! What a time saver! Thanks for letting us know Alisha!

    Chrystal Grbin

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