The Mission

The Social Impact gives female entrepreneurs all the support they need to show up confidently online, scale their business using social media and create a massive impact with their work.

Hi, I’m Alisha

I’m an algorithm-nerd, reel extraordinaire, social media maestro, shameless dog lover and keen content creator. I’m here to show you the ropes so you can create content that conveys your ideas to the world.

Because when you spread your magic, everyone benefits!

"Through The Social Impact, I'm able to unite my expertise with my greatest passions, in order to create something truly unique for every business I work with."

My IG expertise didn’t have confident beginnings. Don’t get me wrong...I LOVED everything about social media. The content creation, the growth potential, the connections and the ability to create a community -- it was all well within my wheelhouse and very close to my heart.

But certain thoughts were holding me back.

I can post about my business, but I should be professional and hide my quirks.

What are my friends and family going to say if I start sharing things?

Does anyone even actually want to know about me and my life?

I’m not sure if I’m ready to become the face of my brand. (Even though all the social media experts are YELLING at me to show my face more)

People won’t take me seriously if I’m funny. I need to filter my personality.

Looking back, I want to give myself a loving shake and scream, “NOOOOO! What you’re scared to do is what you NEED to do to reach the next level of growth in your business.”

“If you scroll back, you’ll see a time where I shared nothing more than social media tips and tricks; my client successes and my services. I thought that in order to be regarded professionally, I had to pretend it wasn’t me behind the scenes: Alisha, a multi-faceted human who loves dogs as much as I love social media. Who loves to dance and who also makes mistakes sometimes.”

When I decided to stop caring, unfilter my life and share every aspect of who I am, that’s when everything blossomed.

I now show my dog to the world, dance on camera, make mistakes openly, crack jokes, spill things on my white clothes, and display the fact that I’m human every single day.

And that’s when it hit me.

Sharing your story, being personable and showing off your imperfections are what makes a brand successful on social media.

Gone are the days of buttoned-up content and people-free pages.

Your audience wants to see life! They want to see you!

The Social Impact has helped 1000s of female business owners level up their business by utilising social media’s power.

Because your social media confidence shines right through. And when you know how to tap into it, your engagement increases, your sales grow, and your impact is multiplied.

No more putting off social until tomorrow.

This is your ticket to the growth you’ve been looking for.

Show me the way!

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