Reely Ready for 2021 eBook
Reely Ready for 2021 eBook
Reely Ready for 2021 eBook

Reely Ready for 2021 eBook


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Are you ready to make 2021 the year you stand out on Instagram?

Is it time to finally jump out of holiday mode and start using Instagram again to really promote your business?

We’ve got you!

They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit so, in the celebration of 2021, we created 21 Instagram Reel ideas to help you kick start the year!

When we asked you what you were struggling with most when it came to making a Reel, your answers were:

  • Coming up with the idea
  • Finding music for your Reel


Now, these can be the two most time-consuming parts of creating Reels, so we decided to make it *so* much easier for you so you can jump in and start creating!


Inside the ebook, we have targeted Reel Ideas (along with descriptions to give you direction) and Music Suggestions so that you’re not wasting hours trying to find a song. Trust us, we’ve been down the music rabbit hole way too many times.


PLUS! We’ve also added Inspiration Reels as examples because we know that so many of you are visual learners and adapters!


Happy Reelin’!


Alisha and Mon x 

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